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Once a you have been made an affiliate, you  can log in to their account and click Visit My Affiliate Page

From here, you will  have access to reports on the number of click-throughs, sales, and commission they have generated as well as up to 4 sub-affiliates that can be registered under them. 

From your accounts, affiliates will also be able to create HTML banner ads that can be posted on websites and in emails. These banner ads will contain links back to your store plus affiliate ID information for tracking purposes. 

Finally, this page will contain your link. This link is the URL of your store accompanied with your page information it will redirect visitors to your store and will record all sales and click-throughs under the your account. You will want to copy this URL and embed it as a hypertext link on any websites or in any email/online marketing material they have access to.

Accessing Affiliate Banner Ads

You  can access your accounts by clicking Visit My Affiliate Page link at the bottom of the customer account page.  

Here, you have access to their personalized tracking URL as well as any banner graphics configured within the Affiliates page. To access one of several possible banner ads they can implement within their own blog, forum, or web site, they simply need to click the Generate Banner Ads link within the Advertising Tools section. 

Each banner ad containsbyour personalized tracking URL as a hypertext link to redirect visitors to the store.

You can simply copy the HTML provided in the banner ad forms on this page and then implement this code in any web page you have access to.