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Why Become an Independent A Well Being Consultant?

Have you ever thought about how to become a wellness consultant? If you’re looking for a way to help people with their weight loss, fitness, and nutritional goals, wellness consulting may be the perfect fit. Teaching others to lead healthy lifestyles, developing individualized health plans, and promoting healthy eating habits is a way to make a difference in the lives of others while you also realize your dream of starting your own small business.

Successful wellness consultants are not only rewarded through their profits, they also enjoy the feeling of satisfaction they get as they help others live better lives. Keys to succeeding as a wellness consultant include:
Convey a compassionate and caring attitude. A large part of the reason you work in the wellness and health field is because you care. Clients respond much better when they feel there is a real relationship, not one based solely on money.
Know your stuff. Nutritional and health guidelines change because of ongoing research. It’s up to you to keep up with industry news and the latest scientific findings and trends.

It's not just about the money you earn, but how that money can change your life and impact others.

The AMA has declared obesity a disease. This is a public health issue in many ways. In the current epidemic, one third of Americans are overweight and one third are obese. That is the reality. By becoming an Independent A Well Being Consultant you have to the potential to help hundreds reach a more healthy lifestyle.

Today, for many people around the world, economic uncertainty reigns. Prices are rising for basic goods such as food and basic services such as water and electricity. At the same time, corporations are downsizing, and many of the newly created jobs do not provide the same benefits—many provide only a salary, and no benefits! People are finding they are working more, for less.

Home based business are a dynamic and rapidly growing trend across the United States. Fueled in large measure by dramatic innovations and cost efficiencies in communications technologies—from cellular phones to laptop computers to low-priced fax machines to the Internet—one-person offices are springing up across North America, producing the same professional-looking output as those located in downtown high-rises.

A home based business lets you control the hours your work; if it is better for you to work nights, fine, or if mornings are ideal, fine. They allow spontaneity, and you are your own boss—if something comes up, there is no chain of command to follow for permission. Finally, many home based businesses can be lucrative.

An AWB business is a home based business where you call the shots. You set your own goals, determine your own hours, and design your own plan. Nor can anyone hold you back: your reward at AWB is commensurate with the effort you make. If you are looking for the flexibility, convenience, and rewards of a home based business, AWB is the answer.

More Reasons Why You Should Become an Independent  A Well Being Consultant:

Not Multi-Level Sales: This is absolutely not a Multi Level Marketing (MLM) program. You  keep the profits you earn;  no exorbitant consumer retail pricing,  no meetings to attend,  no sponsoring, no down lines, no heavy marketing hype.
Comprehensive Product Range: Unlike most MLM brands, A Well Being offers high quality products. These high demand, highest quality, formulations help people enhance their health and well being.

Your Choice of Part-Time or Full-Time: Enjoy the latitude of determining your own level of commitment. Set your own goals ... part-time supplemental income or full-time for significant steady income with a solid growth potential.

Repeat Orders from Consumers: Build your business by offering America's best health products values and enjoy the residual income with steady, repeat-sales from customers.

Protected Distributorship: Without territorial restrictions, you'll enjoy unlimited earnings and exponential growth.

Your Competitive Advantage: Not typically available in mass merchandise stores, discount chains or supermarkets, A Well Being formulations are produced using the finest-quality nutritional ingredients, manufactured under strict quality-control, quality-assurance guidelines.

Each production batch (identified on each label with an individual lot number) is laboratory-tested to assure product purity, freshness, potency and disintegration time. After laboratory analysis is completed, the tablets/capsules are pharmaceutically-fresh packaged, available for shipment to distributors worldwide directly from our factory.  
Or can choose to have our products shipped directly from A Well Being to your customers.

A Well Being products are manufactured and packaged in accordance with strict controls set forth by the Federal Food and Drug agencies. Each product is laboratory tested and assayed. These clinical tests measure consistent Quality, purity and potency of the active ingredients. Only the finest quality nutritional ingredients are used in our products. No artificial colorings, preservatives, flavorings, sugars, salt or starch.