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Green Coffee Bean Extract! Clinically proven to help you lose weight!

According to a study of green coffee bean extract published in the Diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome and Obesity Journal, over a period of just 12 weeks test subjects lost an average of 10.5% of their overall body weight and 16% of their overall body fat - all without changing their eating or exercise habits. Each and every test subject lost an average of 17 pounds over the 12 week period. And all with no side affects.

Green Coffee Beans (chlorogenic acid) and Raspberry Ketones (in our African Mango) have had acknowledgement for their ability to boost metabolism. While these supplements include potent weight loss factors, green coffee bean is becoming more popular amongst weight loss enthusiasts. As green coffee extract researchers examine the results and information collected from supporting evidence surrounding the magical red coffee-berry superfruit is starting to have an extremely nice portfolio and reputation. Much like raspberry ketones (in our formula of African Mango), the chlorogenic acids found in pure green coffee beans property to improve health, gain more energy, and burn body fat more efficiently.

How it works:

The success is attributed to the natural chlorogenic acid found in the green coffee beans. Because chlorogenic acid prevents the release of glucose into the blood stream while increasing fat burning in the liver. When the metabolism increases it causes the liver to burn more fat, faster. These two processes work together to prevent the body from absorbing and storing fat.

Naturally, you can speed up pounds lost even more with a sensible eating program and a regular exercise routine. But what's so surprising about this research is that these individuals were able to lose the weight with no change to their eating habits, no strenuous exercise regimen and no side effects

The active ingredients present in Green Coffee Extract help:
  • Enhance metabolism Prevents the release of glucose into the blood stream the liver
  • Prevents the body from absorbing and storing fat
  • Superior Source of Antioxidants to fight harmful free radical damage
  • Acts as a Glucose Inhibitor to slow down sugar intake which induces fat burning regulating blood-sugar levels
  • Boosts Fat Metabolism and Weight Loss Hormone Adiponectin

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