Evansville, WI
Just thought I would shoot you a note to report my progress so far. I have completed week 1 and This morning started week 2. I have lost 14# (!!!) and 9" overall (!!!) in ONE WEEK!! Super excited!! Thanks so much!

Michele and Wayne Newell
Jupiter, FL
I just want to thank you. My husband has been doing so good with your drops and the program itself. He has been on many diets and usually gets discouraged. So far he has lost 17 pounds in about 14 days and has been doing great. Yes he has his moments where he wants something he can't have but then stronger heads prevail and he eats his celery. Thank you for having a program that not only works but is very easy to follow.

Shalena W. 
Henderson, NV 09.04.10
OK...I was sceptical but had heard some good things about this diet. I am on day 18 and I have lost 23 lbs. I feel amazing! I'm not hungry at all. I was going to stop at 23 days but am going to continue another week. I am so grateful to Brandaleen for introducing me to this! Thanks!!!!!


Kelsie H.
Las Vegas, NV 09.16.10
I have been struggling with my wieght since I was a kid, and since having two children of my own I had gained over 120 pounds!! I have tried over 9 different diets including LA Wieghtloss, Alli, Nutrisystem, Michael Thurmans 6 week body make over, every diet pill you can find on the shelf,and spent over 2500 dollars and nothing worked. I had gave up until i found Las Vegas HCG and decided to give it a try just like all the other diets but this was so easy that i lost lost 37 pounds in just about 40 days and I couldn't believe my eyes. The best part is you get to eat delicious meals, you dont get hungry, and you get amazing help and advice for free! Not to mention you don't gain it back! Las Vegas HCG has changed my life forever!  

Denise Crane
Big Bear, CA 06.28.10
Whoo Hoo - HAVE to share this with you ~ just finished my 1st round and lost 14 lbs. Went shopping today at Victoria Gardens, (local mall). Anyways, I chose a pair of shorts off the rack that I thought would fit kinda tight, and the sales girl said oh no ~ those will be way to big for you, try these, (one size down) they fit perfect!!! YAY!!!!

Gene L.
Henderson, NV 6.22.10
Hi, my name is Gene I chose to use HCG because I was desperate, allow me to explain. I have been trying to lose weight ever since my last heart attack, especially when the paramedics had to revive me using paddles. I have been to a few doctors regarding my weight and how I can get help to lose the weight at that time I weighed 280 lbs. My insurance company refused to allow me to take the medication and they refused to allow me to have the lap band operation. I decided to lose weight by going on my own diet plan and that was to quite eating at fast food restaurants, go to the gym and fast walk a mile three times a week, and not eat anything after 6pm. I managed to bring my weight down to 267 lbs. and then I plateaued. I was heart broken to say the least. I either had to reduce my eating habit more or work the heck out of myself at the gym. A co-worker at work told me one day about HCG. She downloaded the protocol for me to read and I asked her some questions and after a bit of consideration, I decide to give the program a try. Well, let me tell you I went from 267lbs down to 248lbs in just one week. I am currently on my second week and wonder where I will be at the end of the week. I feel fine and I thank God for allowing me to find this program and I am over whelmed over my weight loss. I feel good and am a happy guy because of it. 

Maddie Dodson
PA 6.28.10
Thanks Brandaleen for the help on the phone today with my referrals and order. Yes folks, this is the BEST site to order your drops and from I've heard and now seen myself, great customer service! 

Brandaleen J. 
06.06.10 ~ (Las Vegas HCG Partner)
After running into an acquaintenance from not seeing her for several months, I almost fell over at how great she looked. I immediately tried it. I lost 17 pounds in 23 days. We decided to start our business and I have since been using our own product. I have now lost 60 pounds and am enjoying watching all of our clients do the same! 

San Antonio, TX. 
I am so thankful that I found Brandaleen and A Well Being/Las Vegas HCG. Not only did I get the drops and information super quick but found her advice and recommendations essential in the weight loss process.  I lost 13 lbs and am skinnier than I was before I had my 3 kids.  The diet is tough, but so worth it.  I lost inches, look and feel great and owe so much to A Well Being/Las Vegas HCG for helping me along the way!  Thank you!

Carissa R.
Las Vegas, NV - 03/2010 
Okay, Im in high school. And i dont wanna be fat. My grades and social life have severely improved since i lost weight using HCG. This stuff rocks dude. Seriously its a total cure for every one. My Mom totally rocks for buying me this. I lost 20 pounds and can't wait to lose more! 

Nonna Callaghan
Las Vegas, NV 04.11.10
I was skeptical at first but when I saw my daughter losing every day and not being hungry, I couldn't wait to jump on the band wagon. I lost 25 pounds in 40 days and that is actually low compared to most but I heard that night workers lose slower. I am starting my second round on 4/16/10 and I can't wait to lose more! Nonna has since completed her third round and is up to a total loss of 70 pounds! 


Ashlee B.
Ironically, at the time I found the ad for A Well Being's HCG I was looking for a treadmill on CraigsList. I had reached a breaking point with how much weight I had gained, almost 100 pounds over the course of 3 years. With nothing to lose, I decided to order a 30 day round. It was the best decision I ever made. After thoroughly researching the side effects I decided to stay on the diet a total of 107 days. I successfully lost 73.6 pounds and gained more self confidence, energy, and control than I had ever known myself to have. The best thing about the diet is how much it truly makes you focus on whats causing you to over eat and forces you to combat those feelings. It will change the way you look at food and the way your body reacts to it, giving you the essential tools necessary to maintain your new weight and stay healthy forever. I chose A Well Being because of their never ending support throughout my weight loss journey and maintenance, I could never extend a big enough thank you to everyone there!